At SQA, our unwavering commitment revolves around you, our valued customer, ensuring that we consistently uphold the highest standards in quality, safety, analysis, and reliability. Our team of highly qualified engineers possesses expertise and in-depth knowledge across all systems, enabling us to deliver a comprehensive range of services:

  1. Conducting thorough repair analysis at all levels
  2. Providing Field and Air support for all types of aircraft
  3. Implementing Electrical and Mechanical software modifications
  4. Possessing complete knowledge of both systems and operations
  5. Methodically analyzing and evaluating all upgrades and modifications
  6. Adhering to stringent safety protocols

Performance Information:

The experience and past performance information detailed in this section serve as a testament to our commitment to precision and our effective approach in delivering assertive and intricate H-60 aircraft aerial and ground support.

Drawing from our proven expertise in vetting, onboarding, and qualifying experienced H-60 crew members on a global scale, our customers can rest assured with our impeccable Zero (0) Accident/Incident record. We stand firm in our refusal to compromise on quality, and safety is never jeopardized in pursuit of performance. Our H-60 maintenance test flight and aircraft functional test experience encompass a diverse clientele, including: [Specify specific clients or details if applicable].